Should We Be Using the English Chinese Dictionary? It Puzzles Me for a Very Long Time

Simple Question: should we be using the English-Chinese dictionary?

It puzzles me for a very long time. All the English teachers said: We need to acquire vocabulary from context. The people who English is the second language has hight level told us: you should use an English-English dictionary, throw the English-Chinese dictionary away!

The trues are when opening an article or open YouTube article in Ebuoy, you very interesting and excited about this article at the beginning. sadly there are lots of unknown words in this article that make you even can’t know the sentence meaning. How you can guess word meaning by context?

if you loop up word one by one using English-English dictionary, it told you the word definition: another unknown sentence. the unknown symbol wrapped you fulfilled everywhere. You feel unhappy and boring very soon and give up reading articles to go to do another funny thing. This is normal, no one can learn from unknown symbols.

How about find