English Learning Diary 20191230 Some Thing Is Happening

I just relearn a few months. If you found any incorrect English content please correct me by GitHub issues, grateful for your help.

It always happens in the morning in a period when getting up and cleans myself time.

Normally I think something at that time, one day the thinking subconsciously change to use English!

I don’t know how and when this happens. That is amazing!

When I brush teeth and take shower at this alone I will be thinking in English, if talks to my family use Chinese will break this status.

No matter what, it’s English! I never try to think in English subconsciously. Maybe my English thinking had so many errors: grammar even the wrong words, It doesn’t matter, the important thing is I can use English thinking. it makes me so excited.

I confirmed it’s not hallucination by said the thinking content.

It’s happened maybe cause I watched so many YouTube videos, most of the videos were one person talks to you, talk and talk … sometimes you also want to talk back to him, right? But you can’t because it is just a video.

When at that the alone time like thousands of people in your head and try to talk to you, you can’t clearly know what they said but can auto pick their words and phrases to express what my thoughts, it awesome!

This content was conceived when I took a shower today.