Diary 20200104 Great Meeup

Attended the YNCoder meetup.

RGKZhang shared his working project, he’s work for some ETH organization, they build an interesting ETH contract Decentralized App. this DApp similar Banks: deposit ETH token to earn interest. For example, you can deposit USTD to this DApp, other people will loan USTD by pledging his ETH or ETH token when repaying the loan will generate interest. It’s a win-win deal.

Yan shares his software project management and team mange principles. very valuable.

Release Ebuoy


  • Move settings and profile to the drawer
  • When Youtube doesn’t have en subtitle still need to remove loading item
  • Even when loading new youtube video make sort works fine

Found two YouTube channel storybooth and ChuChuTV Bedtime Stories & Moral Stories for Kids.

Back start from for kid material makes a smoother learning curve.